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Diet Success story 1

I have participated in the Body By Berle Diet Coach program for 6 weeks and in that time I have lost 12 pounds. Like many people, I have tried and failed in the past to lose weight and keep it off.  I think that the reason I am achieving results this time is due to the daily reporting that's required.  By journalizing my eating habits and emailing it on a daily basis, I have to be accountable for everything I eat.  I receive feedback daily and I have become more conscious of the bad carbs I was eating.   I am also more aware to avoid mindless eating and trying to compensate for any mistakes made.  Another thing that has helped me are the workouts where we can discuss my progress further.  I have a way to go before I reach my goal weight, but I have  no doubt that I will continue to enjoy success on this program.   Sam R.

Diet success story 2

​When I started this program two months ago, I weighed 150 lbs. and was a size 12. Today I weigh 139 lbs & size 6 is loose on me.  Through Jeff's guidance I have learned a lot about the benefits of making healthy dietary choices and its effects on my body and mind. I can definitely feel the difference mentally and physically.  He knows exactly what will work for you, and I mean you personally, not a program that's based on someone else's lifestyle but your personalized plan.  Jeff offers you an honest and personalized plan that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Most of all he cares about you and your health.  It's not every day that you come across someone who is as knowledgeable and caring as Jeff, my nutritional adviser.   Izabella K.

diet success story 3

I started on the Body By B​erle Diet Coach Program at the beginning of the year and I’m delighted to share that I’ve lost 25 pounds so far.  It was slow going at first, but with Jeff’s daily support and guidance, I stuck with it and am absolutely thrilled with the results.  I’ve been on plenty of diets in the past, and for some reason, this plan just clicked with me.  It’s really a very livable way of eating - I’m never hungry, and with Jeff’s help, I’ve learned how to eat out and still stick to the plan.  I completely amazed myself when I went on a 7-day cruise and came back 2 ½ pounds lighter!  Every once in a while, I do go off the plan, but it hasn’t derailed my weight loss at all … Jeff says it’s because I’m now a fat burner.  I’m no longer working with Jeff on a daily basis, but I continue to work out at BBB twice a week, journal on my own, and eat as Jeff taught me.  Once I hit my goal, I plan on working with Jeff again to guide me into maintenance.  Thank you Jeff !!!     Amy W.

diet success story 4

​I am most appreciative of your caring and thankful to you for sharing your knowledge about diet and exercise. You certainly have been a positive influence on my health. I have been coming to your gym for many years. Over the years that I've worked out at BBB, we've had many conversations about exercise and diet. A couple of years ago you suggested that I Google "Paleo." You knew I had a stomach condition and were certain that the Paleo Diet would help my condition. In February of 2010 you generously invited me to Arthur DeVany's signing of his book, "The New Evolution Diet." After getting the book as a gift that night and reading it from cover to cover, I changed my eating habits and as a result the way I live my life. Not only did I stop taking medication to control my "condition," my excess weight melted off. I was freed from the worry of an episode and free to live my life more spontaneously.   Shari D.

​diet success story 5

The Body by Berle Diet Coach program helped me jump-start my own personal healthy eating plan.  While on the program, I emailed my daily intake of food and drink to my diet coach, Jeff.  He reviewed these choices and then emailed a detailed report back to me, evaluating my day's entry and offering helpful comments and suggestions.  Jeff was very accessible throughout my time in the program.  He responded quickly to my many questions about foods, calorie counts, and exercise.  In emailing back and forth, I was able to get help easily, often from the comfort of home. Changing long-standing habits is difficult, but having a knowledgeable and caring person rooting you on makes it a little easier.  Jeff's personal touch was incredible.  For example, in an effort to get me to integrate eggs (a long dreaded food!) into my diet, he met me at a local diner and encouraged me to try them with him by my side.  The regular contact and twice/week weigh-ins kept me on target and motivated me to make conscious decisions about what I ate. I highly recommend the Body By Berle Diet Coach program for anyone who could use a little extra support reaching their health and fitness goals.  Marilyn G.

diet success story 6

I've never been a dieter. But since last year when my Dr. said I was 20 lbs overweight, I've been trying to lose weight on my own by changing my eating habits and watching my food intake. I knew exactly what I needed to do, but I was unable to lose more than couple of pounds and it was very frustrating. So when Body By Berle introduced the "Diet Coach" program I agreed to give it a try because I knew I needed to do something different. The results have been amazing. I've been using the Diet coach for about 2 months and have lost more than 20 lbs. and 3" from my waist. The Diet Coach program has helped me look at food in a completely different way by changing my eating habits, food choices and meal planning. I've seen many friends lose weight and then eventually gain it all back because they were on a diet that was not sustainable. I know that won't happen to me because Jeff's coaching and daily advice has essentially reprogrammed the way I think about food. He has provided positive reinforcement which has guided me to make permanent changes in my life.   Gary S.

diet success story 7 

On January 7th, after an over indulging holiday season, I stepped on my home scale.... 217..... ouch.... I knew that Richard and his team offered assistance in the form of coaching you in not only "working out" in an efficient and rewarding way, but in helping you learn to eat better and lose weight smartly. I am happy to say that in while I was working with Jeff and Richard on weight loss and Richard's team of dedicated trainers that after 8 weeks I was at 192. 25 pounds in 8 weeks and I did not have to work hard at it or starve myself. The plan was easy.... other than the first 4-5 days, where I was getting used to the new eating habits, I never felt hungry, I never had a craving for processed foods.... I liken this plan to eating like I did when I was a kid, without the bread or potatoes.... and if you eat out, while I thought it would be hard was relatively easy.. Jeff knows you are human and gives you advice on how to pick the right things off the menu so you do not feel cheated or missed out on something. Since that time I have been going at it on my own in regards to my diet. I am keeping as close to the plan as possible, but I have allowed myself an occasional black and white cookie. Yesterday I had my first slice of pizza in over 5 months (I did get it with spinach and I did not get a soda, I had a seltzer with it). The best part, I only had one slice, 6 months ago I would have had 2 and still craved more. After that one slice I was full. I have been maintaining an exercise routine with Body By Berle. I am happy to say that I have maintained between my weight between 190 and 195 (3+ months later). I do have a goal to lose another 10 or so pounds and plan to go back to a more strict regime in the fall. The coaching and advice provided was very helpful and two+ pants sizes in 8 weeks speaks wonders.  .Michael W.

diet success story 8

I joined the diet coach program to help me lose weight to my goal weight that I tried to lose for many years and I could not. I tried Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup Diet, Green Coffee and many others over the years. To lose 13 pounds seemed easy, but unable to do so with so many weight loss interventions. I blamed it on menopause and every other possible reason that I could think of.
My diet coach made me understand the right food choices on a daily basis. Writing down every day and sending an email to the diet coach of every single item I consumed is like a confession. The advice from the diet coach on the previous days intake is priceless. It made me realize that I had to be true to myself. Understanding the carbohydrate and protein content of the entire day’s calorie intake is a concept that is probably the most important part of the diet coach program in my view. Getting weighed every week was rewarding and not so rewarding on many days.
It took many months to lose 13 pounds and bring my weight down to BMI called "normal". This is a lifelong learning. If I can do it many others who have the same issues can do so. Commitment is the word. I would encourage others to join the program. Thank you to the diet coach and the program.   Suri S.