since 1986

Body By Berle

Personal Training center

Kohl's Fresh Meadows Shopping Center
61-18 190th St.  Ste. 223
Fresh Meadows, NY  11365

It all started with joining a small personal gym in Long Island:

I loved using these new weight machines in the early 80's called Nautilus.  Although I instinctively knew that this fitness equipment was exceptionally unique.  I was determined to learn exactly how I could train myself using Nautilus.  My passion and curiosity took me to Florida where I took numerous seminars led by Arthur Jones - the inventor of Nautilus.  This led to me obtaining a Certification by Nautilus Sports Medical Industries.

Now that I was definitely hooked, I was prepared to  to pursue my next new business venture.  This was a totally new arena that I myself pioneered and paved the path for - Personal Training.

So, after a successful run as a restauranteur with 2 restaurants in Long Island - I decided to sell them so that I could concentrate on my new found passion and focus on fitness. In 1986 I opened my own gym Body By Berle - in Great Neck, LI

Eventually the gym was moved to Fresh Meadows in 2002. 

Berle is a graduate of CW Post - LIU.  Berle is certified by Nautilus Sports Medical Industries.

3. Make an appointment:

Making fitness a priority and a special consideration for personal trainers and their clients requires an appointment.  A commitment by both the client and trainer to set aside a special time devoted to their individualized and tailored fitness program . Isn't fitness as important as going to the doctor, nail or hair appointments?

About us:

4. Berle - 1st Personal Training Pioneer:

Berle was the first one to premier a Personal Training Center in the whole Northeast in 1986.  Many others soon followed his idea and other Personal Training Centers sprouted, including one that he helped develop - Personal Training Institute in Long Island. Personal Training was born, thanks to Berle. 

  1. Richard Berle
1. His passion is to help others get fit:

Berle who is a baby boomer himself knows how important it is to be in good shape.  He loves being fit and helping others get in shape.  It is his passionate goal for himself and others who seek it.  Talking to Berle - one really gets the feeling that weight loss and fitness can be achieved.  Berle says that he dispels the myth that in order to be in shape you have to exercise all the time.  "Many gym owners work out seven days per week and everyone is supposed to be impressed. But the average person can't do that,"  Berle said.  

2.  Just the right amount of exercise:

Berle built his personal training center around the Nautilus system to give trainees the most efficient workout possible in the least amount of time.  When Berle is asked how he himself maintains his great lean physique, he replies that he follows a Paleo Diet combined with strength training twice a week (15 min. each session).  Although he owns a gym and it's available 24/7 to him - he likens exercise to food.   Just as too much food - too much fitness doesn't work.  You need just the right amount of food and only a certain amount of exercise to obtain maximum results.  At Body By Berle - we give clients just the right amount of exercise.

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