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Being fit and helping others get in shape is Berle’s passionate goal for himself and others who seek it.  Talking to Berle and seeing him at his facility – one really gets the feeling that weight loss and fitness can be achieved.  At 55 years old, Berle says that he dispels the myth that in order to be in shape you have to exercise all the time. "Many gym owners workout seven days per week and everyone is supposed to be impressed," Berle said.       "But the average person can't do that."  

Berle built his personal training center around the Nautilus system to give trainees the most efficient workout possible in the least amount of time. When I asked Berle - how he himself maintains his great lean physique? – he replies that he eats a 
Paleo Diet along with strength training twice a week (15 min. each).  Although he owns the gym and it’s available 24/7 to him - he likens exercise to food – just as too much food – too much fitness doesn’t work. You need just the right of food and only a certain amount of exercise to obtain maximum results.  At Body By Berle we give just the right amount of exercise.  

Berle pioneered Personal Training in the whole Northeast.  Body By Berle in Great Neck was the first One-on-One fitness center to premier on Long Island in 1986.  It provided an alternative to crowded health clubs.  There he spent 16 years perfecting his program before moving to Fresh Meadows, Queens in January 2002.  Berle and his personal training staff operate by appointment only to ensure that trainees receive personalized workouts, tailored to their individual needs and capabilities. Open to men and women of all ages—clients range in age from 12 to 90 years old.  Body By Berle provides a welcoming and comfortable environment that he says is difficult to attain at large gyms.  The machines work every muscle in the body and only require clients to devote two sessions – a total of 1 hr. per week. 

At only $30 per session, with no membership fees, Body By Berle is the most affordable personal training service in New York. Berle consults with new members during a free trial workout, so as Berle himself puts it, "Why not make fitness a priority by giving it an appointment?"

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